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to be the "Front Line" of insurance reimbursement. YOU are the ones who keep everything running, and when problems arise with reimbursement, YOU are the first to know.

It is up to YOU to troubleshoot and figure out a solution. It is a tough and often frustrating job because sometimes what needs to be fixed is out of your control. Right?? < cough cough, Provider documentation! >

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Documentation errors are one of the BIGGEST frustrations for medical billers because there often is little you can do to "just fix it and move on": it's not just changing a code or adding (or removing) a modifier.

Documentation errors usually require action from the PROVIDER who is documenting the service billed, and providers have varying degrees of, let's just say "enthusiasm", for understanding their carrier guidelines and adjusting their documentation to be compliant.

"THE FRONT LINE: A Medical Billers & Coders workbook"


EVERYTHING you need to be proactive dealing with Documentation details!

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